What we do

Since 1953, we have been conserving Zambia’s wildlife and environment, through education, practical conservation and advocacy.


Chongololo and Chipembele Conservation Clubs of Zambia (CCCCZ)

Established in 1972, our clubs are a model for mass-scale environmental education that has been replicated around the world. We reach over 40,000 children through 1000 clubs established in schools countrywide. We distribute educational curriculums, support club-led environmental campaigns, and broadcast the Chongololo Club of the Air (CCOA) in 8 radio stations.

Unite 4 Climate & Conservation (U4CC)

WECZ has partnered with UNICEF Zambia to train over 1,300 children as Climate Ambassadors. We empower children to take practical action on climate change while developing themselves as leaders. We continue to work with our ambassadors as they lead climate action campaigns ranging from reforestation to community education.


Mafinga Afromontane Conservation

The Mafinga Afromontane region is a biodiversity hotspot and critical headwaters for the Luangwa Rivers. WECSZ is empowering local communities to secure this ecosystem against the growing threat of deforestation through reforestation and sustainable livelihoods.

Mafinga Afromontane Conservation Project

Menda Data Pamo

The Kafue River’s immense benefits to Zambians is threatened by pollution, deforestation, and climate change. Menda Data Pamo (Water Data together) supports conservation clubs along the Kafue River to collect high-quality citizen science data on the river’s health. This data is used to inform and lobby ministries to improve watershed management.

Cocoon Tree Planting Initiative in Zambia

Using the Cocoon planting technology, this initiative introduces knowledge and innovative mitigation and adaptation ideas to Zambian communities experiencing the adverse effects of Climate Change, while proving the feasibility of combating climate change and land degradation through innovative technologies, sustainable practices, and education.

Smart Climate Actions Zambia(SCAZ)

SCAZ aims to promote and demonstrate climate-smart actions to students in Zambia and inspire community participation in climate resilience efforts. We support students to create climate-smart agriculture plots in local schools and lead tree planting efforts.

Society Camps

We own three wildlife camps, with discounts for members: Chibila (at Itezhi-Tezhi), Kafwala (on the Kafue River), and Wildlife Camp (in Mfuwe). By staying at a Society Camp, you financially support our conservation work.

Bare-foot tented camp

Historical Projects

  • “Operation Noah” – the rescue of animals stranded by the flooding of the Zambezi Gorge created by the Kariba Dam
  • Helped to get Lochinvar and Blue Lagoon National Parks created
  • Undertook aerial wildlife census and biodiversity mapping and conservation work on Lechwe and Sitatunga populations on the Kafue Flats and Bangweulu basin, and on large mammal species in the Luangwa Valley
  • Helped to mitigate the impacts of mining operations in Kabwe (lead pollution) and on the Copperbelt (heavy metal leachates)
  • Helped to protect Zambia’s forest reserves (including a Supreme Court appeal against developments in the Lusaka East Forest Reserve); and also illegal logging, inappropriate developments in national parks, deforestation and solid waste pollution
  • Policy achievements include helping the government and ministries to draft:
    • the Zambia Biological Diversity Strategy and Action Plan
    • The Zambia Wetlands Strategy and Action Plan
    • The Water Bill
    • The National Policy on Environment.
    • The National Adaption Programme of Action (NAPA)