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Protecting Nature is Our Responsibility

Founded in 1953, the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia (WECZ) is a charitable, membership-based NGO dedicated to promoting environmental and conservation issues to all levels of the community.

We organize Zambia’s only nation-wide environmental education programs, spearhead community-based conservation efforts in key ecosystems, and advocate for conservation policies. Our work is built around four focus areas.

Our Four Focus Areas

1: Forests and Wildlife Conservation

We protect and restore Zambia’s forests through community-led reforestation, alternative livelihoods, and policy advocacy

2: Waste Management

Plastic pollution is threatening the water, safety, and health of Zambians. We are engaging Zambians to turn the tide through education and creating alternatives.

3: Water and Climate Resilience

We train and support thousands of youth to lead the response to the growing threat of climate change in Zambia

4: Policy Advocacy and Education

Since independence WECSZ has played a leading role in lobbying and consulting the government to create sustainable environmental policies, ranging from the creation of national parks to the Water Bill to national climate adaptation plans.

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