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In addition to supporting the work we do, membership will afford you the following:

Updates on our work through our e-newsletter
Discounted rates to access our facilities (camps and lodges)
Free access to society environmental talks and field trips
Right to vote at the Society Annual General Meetings

To sign up, simply fill in the form. Alternatively come through to our national office, we will be happy to
meet you. Please note that subscription is renewable annually.

You can support our work by signing up for membership.

Single, Family, Corporate, Conservation Partner, School/Community Club

Required for School/Community Club Registration

Membership fees (annual)

  • Student: K50 
  • Single: K100 
  • Family: K150
  • Conservation Partners: K500
  • Corporate: K2,500
  • International : K250 or US Dollar equivalent 

Chongololo/Chipembele Conservation Club: Available for  any Zambian School or community grouping. This membership is open to individuals less than 18 years old. Further information on payment is on our donate page.

Club Fees (annual)

  • Government School – K100
  • Private School – K250 
  • Community School – K20