Top Six Green Living Tips

There are many things you can do as an individual to help save our environment. However, the fight for the environment is not a singular battle, it needs the combined efforts of many others. So share  the tips with family and friends.

1. Be water wise

  • Landscape with waterwise indigenous plants
  • Reduce lawn to a minimum – use indigenous groundcovers
  • Save rainwater, invest in a rain water tank
  • Avoid buying water in disposable bottles. Fill your own bottles and carry with you 
  • filter tap water, or let water stand before drinking it so chlorine can evaporate
  • Get a low flow shower head to reduce water volume and energy usage

2. Reduce Waste 

  • Avoid consumable products packaged in plastics
  • Avoid products with excess packaging
  • The less goods we demand, the less impact on our resources
  • Whenever you want to buy something ask yourself; do I really NEED this thing?

3. Reuse and recycle 

  • Re-use shopping bags
  • Recycle everything

4. Power down

  • Reduce your energy usage
  • Stop wasteful electricity and fuel usage; switch off all bulbs when not use
  • Unplug electrical apliances when not in use
  • Fly less, drive less. Working from home or a nearby place may also help reduce your energy demand

5. Eat healthy- mostly locally grown food

  • Look for local organic or homemade sources of food
  • Eat produce that’s in season
  • Anything else has required lots of energy to reach you.
  • Start a veggie garden to supplement your meals with the healthiest, safest, freshest produce, or start a community growing scheme with friends/neighbours.
  • Reduce meat consumption, avoid processed food
  • Eat at least half your food raw. Cooking kills enzymes and proteins

6. Build Community

  • Our strength and resilience will come from a strong community that takes responsibility for our own needs. We need your input.