Cocoon Tree Planting Initiative in Zambia

Cocoon Installation Demonstration

The Cocoon Tree Planting Initiative in Zambia aims to introduce knowledge and innovative mitigation and adaptation ideas to local Zambian communities that are experiencing the adverse effects of Climate Change using the Cocoon planting technology, in the process proving the feasibility of combating climate change and land degradation through innovative technologies, sustainable practices, and education.

To achieve this WECSZ carried out a feasibility study of the Cocoon technology in Zambia. The results which were later compiled in a report present a compressive narrative of the performance of the Cocoon tree planting technology in varying ecological and climatic conditions of Zambia.

The study was co-designed by Land Life Company and the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia who are the lead research organisation on this study. The feasibility study that was conducted in 5 districts of 5 provinces across Zambia sought to explore across the different agro-ecological settings the applicability, adaptability, and comprehensiveness of the Cocoon in Zambian conditions, consequently resulting in the strengthening of the pre and post-planting methodology, but also putting in view the scalability and viability of the technology. A key output of the feasibility study is to find suitable and sustainable means of carrying out Cocoon planting at scale in Zambia with a cohort of various key stakeholders that range from government to non-governmental organisations and in the process provide recommendations for investment options in sustainable tree planting.

The feasibility study also aimed at strengthening the design, reach and socio-economic impact of the Cocoon Tree Planting Initiative in Zambia.

The Cocoon Tree Planting Initiative (CTPI) in Zambia aims to achieve the following target specific impacts:

  • Build capacity of local communities in the utilization of new reforestation technologies;
  • Carry out a feasibility study of the Cocoon technology in Zambia both on impact & commercial viability;
  • Reduce forest degradation and loss of forest ecosystems in Zambia;
  • Promote public awareness to citizens and strengthen their capacity to address climate change.

The Cocoon Incubator was developed by Land Life Company. It was designed to address the issue of forest degradation and depletion and water scarcity.

The Cocoon technology is a water-efficient, biodegradable planting technology that enables the sustainable planting of trees. This technology is therefore proposed to address the impacts of climate change which include droughts that are often experienced in many regions around Zambia. More about the Cocoon can be found on the Land Life Company website;