Boosting the resilience of Afromontane ecosystems

In its continued effort to conserve afromontane biodiversity while improving the welfare of local people, the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia (WECSZ) took to Mulakatembo to train twenty selected members of the community on how to raise indigenous tree nurseries. This was part of the Conservation and Forest Management project in the Mafinga Hills priority KBA, Zambia. The project has trained about sixty people from three villages namely […]

Embedding biodiversity in every development activity

The discourse about conservation has been marred with debates on whether or not communities can acquire economic benefits from conservation activities, especially in developing countries. Being a developing country, Zambia requires conservation activities which factors in the livelihood of concerned communities. WECSZ is endeavouring to deliver projects oriented at conserving biodiversity while supporting strong sustainability and livelihood improvement of local communities. In the last quarter of 2016, WECSZ with funding […]

Culling, Wildlife Management

To cull literally means to remove somebody or something considered worthless. It can also mean to select or gather people or things, especially those that are good examples of their kind. In Wildlife management, to cull is to remove an animal, especially a sick or weak one, from a herd or flock. It is a reduction of the numbers of an animal population achieved by selectively killing some of its […]

Top Six Green Living Tips

There are many things you can do as an individual to help save our environment. However, the fight for the environment is not a singular battle, it needs the combined efforts of many others. So share  the tips with family and friends. 1. Be water wise Landscape with waterwise indigenous plants Reduce lawn to a minimum – use indigenous groundcovers Save rainwater, invest in a rain water tank Avoid buying […]